by Carly Taich



A personal note: After making five versions of this song in the last three years, I am proud to say this is (probably) the final recording of Eggshells. Enjoy!

This track was recorded and mixed by a group of talented and motivated music production majors through Hayes School of Music and Robert F. Gilley recording studio.

The crew:
Tyler Patterson
Nick Davison
Everett Hardin
Matt Stegall
Brandon Mullin

Vocals by Carly Taich and Clint Roberts
Banjo by Clint Roberts
Guitar by Barrett Davis
Violin by Caroline Hardin
Cello/bass by Everett Hardin
Mandolin by Aaron Simpson
Drums by Tim Roberts
Piano by Ben Roberts

Mastered by Dan Millice


The words:

To be frank I feel miserable thinking about you without you
I should be elated to see you but I fear it could make me more blue

When expectations are not met
Do not fret, you said
And I’m a diamond in the rough
Can you see me, my love?

I swore to never say never or trouble in paradise
Kiss me through your eyes
Barefoot I’m walking on eggshells to be near you
When will you realize?

I’ve been watching the clock now for what seems like ages
Journal pages
Baby we’ve been trying to relate so long
Feels like we’re on pause
Is it a lost cause?

When feeling’s hurt or times get rough
Is love enough? (enough)
And all I’ve wanted from the start
Sooth my burning heart

In this heavy chest
My heart beats for the east
But it longs to go west


released October 15, 2013
Original song by Carly Taich


all rights reserved



Carly Taich Asheville, North Carolina

Fearless folk-pop from Asheville, NC

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